April 18 - Phoenix, Arizona

7:00 pm Lawn Gnome Publishing

905 N 5th St

April 14 - Phoenix, Arizona

7:00 pm Caffeine Corridor Series

[9] Gallery, 1229 Grand Ave

April 23 - Phoenix, Arizona

Private Salon

If you are interested in contacting Sally about coming to your location to read, please email InTheFatTour@gmail.com

April 21 - Phoenix, Arizona

7:00 pm Limited Engagement

On the east coast, we found a warm welcome in Staten Island at Everything Goes Books. Our readings were livestreamed and can be heard here

tour for In The Fat

Spring 2017

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April 15 - Prescott Valley, Arizona

4:00 pm The Book Haven

3040 N Windsong Drive

Following the reading, please join us at Dusty's Hookah Lounge

7:00 pm Jonathan Oak, pianist

In the summer of 2016, we took In The Fat on tour to the east coast. On the way there, we made a stop in Ogden to participate in a LITerally podcast. You can hear us here